Benchmark and track your workforce's proficiency with groundbreaking simulation training and interviewing.

A graphic interface showing a self assessment and an open chat with AI.

AI-powered role playing assessments to verify employee progress on the skills that matter most to your organization.

Three employees gather at a table with a laptop and a phone viewing the phone screen and smiling.

Objectively measure...

individual and organization progress towards skill attainment customized to your proficiency standards.

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more engaging, personalized, and scalable learning experiences based on our founding team's research in pedagogy.

A man, seated, and two women, standing, in a business meeting in an open-concept office.

& Reimagine 360° Reviews...

using AI to collect high quality data that goes beyond simple surveys.

Stela Lupushor


CEO & Co-Author Humanizing Human Capital

“Making work more human-centric involves helping employees find real satisfaction by providing transparent and personalized career paths before, during and beyond their employment. helps any company achieve this effectively."

Power your people with cutting edge learning science and artificial intelligence.

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