Assess your workforce on the skills that matter most.

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"Assessing skills at scale is a challenge for any organization when it comes to tracking the efficacy of learning and development opportunities. offers compelling tools for any company to not just contextualize L&D to career paths, but track ROI with innovative role-playing based assessments."

Adam Reidel

Independent Design Partner For

Director of People Program Management

3 Distinct Products, 1 Unified Platform

Derisk hiring/upskilling decisions using one of our products, or our complete platform, tailored with custom implementation by our team of experts

job architecture

Accomplish more with less

Assess, Career Path, & Train your workforce with next generation tech built for small & mighty HR teams

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Measure and optimize the return on your L&D budget with dynamic assessments that leverage real learning science and generative AI in a completely novel way.

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Career Path

Effortlessly empower managers and employees to chart a career path together by matching personalized employee skill profiles to the job architecture you've built.

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Contextualize all of your upskilling opportunities for employees - whether it's an online course, coach or custom training solution our partners at Active Learning Sciences build on your behalf.

Meet Our Founding Team

Stephen M. Kosslyn


Founder of the Kosslyn Laboratory at Harvard University

“The world is rapidly changing and so is the landscape of work. Zal uses cutting-edge learning science coupled with AI to help people chart their personal path through this landscape. Zal has a unique ability to enable organizations to help their employees to navigate the future of work in ways that help both the individuals and their organization.”

Power your people with cutting edge learning science and artificial intelligence.

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